Turbo-Prop aircraft are the regional workhorses of aviation and totally indispensable as charter aircraft. Most of Australia’s main airline routes were built by these aircraft.

Excelling in niche markets; ideal for groups of 7 to 72 passengers, turbo-props (prop-jets) are an excellent cost effective option for regional charter flights, air touring for holiday groups, remote destinations and crew changes for mining camps (FIFO). Popular with film crews on location, and often designed for Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL), the regional turbo-prop will continue to service a broad range of destinations in the foreseeable future.

Continually under development, they are equipped with the latest sophisticated Flight Management Systems and operated to the same demanding flight standards as all Australian commercial registered aircraft.

If you have an unusual charter destination for a common interest group, it may be a turbo-prop aircraft is the best solution; call our Operations Managers.

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