Passenger Information

To simplify the aircraft charter process we have provided some guide lines and suggestions.  Our objective is to inform first time users of charter and refresh the memories of our experienced customers.

Where do I Start? – Deciding on Aircraft Type:

The aviation industry is as complex as any you could imagine, this is why it is vital to make contact with well informed aviation professionals.  It is JetCorp Australia’s job to know the industry intimately; as pilots we are able to “educate you” allowing you to make an informed decision about your upcoming flight.  Some of the primary considerations are:

  • med824002Passenger numbers – distance to travel – number of locations to visit – number of days away.
  • Depending on distance, do I require/want a turbo-prop or jet aircraft?
  • Do you require a cost effective, practical solution or is a state of the art jet aircraft preferred?
  • Are all runways accessible by all aircraft  – what are the limitations, if any?
  • What are the weather considerations and operational parameters?
  • Are private terminals available for arrival/departures and is there an additional charge?
  • Are the pilots sufficiently experienced and are your executives/family in competent hands?
  • Are Australian aviation standards world’s best practice?
  • What standard of maintenance is the aircraft subjected to?
  • Are you able to gain access to the Air Operators Certificates (AOC)/Insurances/Certificate of Compliance/Pilot Records etc.
  • And the list goes on….

As you can see there is much to be considered.  This is exactly where JetCorp excels; we ensure any aircraft made available for your flight is totally compliant with all Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules and regulations.  We provide peace of mind and all relevant details when and where required.  We have provided aircraft for Presidents, Prime Ministers, The Australian Department of Defence and many high profile entertainment, sporting and corporate VIP’s.  We will provide exactly the same level of service and safety for you and your family/colleagues.

Flight Information:

After deciding on an aircraft type and flight schedule, the following information is relevant on flight day.

  • You will be provided with a flight schedule outlining the departure and arrival times for each sector of the charter.
  • For smaller aircraft [8-12 Pax] passengers are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure as security is less stringent on private flights as generally you are well aware of your travelling companions.  For airliners [100+ Pax]  arrive 60 Minutes (domestic) / 90 minutes international prior to departure; although the flight is entirely yours, security screening is still necessary if departing through domestic or international terminals.
  • Departure Time – although it is recognised you have every right to determine your departure times, once a schedule has been agreed upon, it is extremely important not to keep your pilots waiting on the tarmac without communication.  If you are running late it is imperative to inform the flight crew.  Pilots have an enormous amount on their minds, not least of all airport slot times, weather and fuel considerations, airport curfews and crew Flight and Duty times.  The flight crew will do their utmost to accommodate schedule changes if kept informed.
  • It is suggested luggage be limited to 15 kgs (33lbs) in soft bags for smaller aircraft, (discuss with crew for possible increases), including corporate jets.  Larger regional airliners (100+ seats) can accommodate 23kgs – 35kgs (50lbs – 77lbs) per passenger but this weight will be confirmed in the planning stage.   Excessive luggage may limit fuel uplift, flight endurance and range, necessitating additional fuel stops and increasing overall cost.
  • Standard passenger weights across all aircraft, large and small are approximated at 84kgs (male) and 69kgs (female) – helicopters Pax weights are calculated at 80kgs per seat.
  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods, including aerosols, firearms/ammunition, matches, gas cylinders, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, brake fluid, flairs, mercury and wet cell batteries plus many more, are forbidden.  Many of these articles are lethal aboard aircraft and must be declared for everyone’s safety.  If in doubt, please request assistance well before travelling.  Dangerous Goods can be carried but must be processed and packaged by approved personnel to International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) specified standards.
  • Please be aware if departing or arriving at primary/secondary secure airports, (domestic or international), all Pax are required to be processed through security and will be subject to normal security checks and clearances.  If your carry on cabin luggage contain the following you must adhere to the following conditions; aerosols, shampoo, toothpaste, moisturisers, mouthwashes and water all must be less than 100ml (3.4 US oz. / 3.5 Imp. oz.) and must be contained in sealed transparent plastic bags.  Non-compliance will lead to confiscation of all products by security staff.
  • For some domestic flights into military facilities, several days notice is often required to gain the necessary landing approvals.  International flights require 2 to 7 working days notice to gain the necessary entry/landing or overfly approvals depending on country.  Be mindful, flights cannot proceed without the completion of the prerequisite paperwork.
  • For international flights, a detailed passenger manifest, including valid passport numbers, date/place of issue and expiry, full names, gender, reason for travel and contact details must be provided to JetCorp a minimum of 48 hours prior to flight for Customs, Immigration and Quarantine procedures.   For international travel please ensure individual Pax passports are valid for at least six months from the date of entry; each passport holder is responsible for his/her own entry Visa.  JetCorp is not responsible for the passport and Visa validity/acquisition, but we will refuse to carry Pax with invalid or expired travel documentation.  For domestic flights JetCorp requires all Pax. names 24hrs. prior to departure but last minute changes will be accommodated.  Proof of identity is required by every Pax prior to boarding all flights.
  • Smoking is not permitted on Australian registered aircraft.

Contact 1300 JETCORP (1300 538 267) Within Aust./Mob-Cell +61 402 095 737 +612 8084 8809 International